TMP421 Sensor mod

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TMP421 Sensor mod

Post by motarius »

I'm doing a project with a number of your TMP421 based temperature sensors and found something that could be improved. The temp sensor works great when it's a single sensor configuration, but when you're working with multiple sensors on a bus it's hard to set each sensor's address and keep it so that it is easily wired. A solution to this problem would be longer header pins that go through the board. This would allow you to keep a cable attached to the SDI/SCL/Vin/GND pins and use the other side to attach a jumpers from A0 and A1 to set other addresses. Alternatively small switches could do the job but may cause more work than they're worth...
I wrote a library mod that supports multiple sensors which I will be sending in soon.

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Re: TMP421 Sensor mod

Post by oz »

The TMP421 is due for a respin so I'll take your suggestions into account if I can. We are shipping these without headers so you can pretty much do anything you want in regard to mounting. Some of our double-long header pins would do the job you want I believe. Or maybe you want the board extended?

I'll watch for you sketches for multiple sensors.


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