Midi Ocarina/Flute/Recorder/Breath controller.

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Midi Ocarina/Flute/Recorder/Breath controller.

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Hello all!

My current project is a midi Ocarina - aiming to emulate a 4 hole pendant style initially, with more interesting Ocarinas and instruments to come later.

Stage 1 - Currently I can play midi notes, read touch sensors using digital inputs and read the breath sensor output. Separately..... Intending to use the MD Wind Sensor assuming I can work out the bugs in my code. its also strewn across a collection of breadboards but I hope to have a semi-permanent build on strip-board soon.

Stage 2 - Scale up the number of keys to 10, integrate an onboard MIDI system - the fluxamasynth looks like an excellent candidate (it even has a space for the breath sensor!). Spin up a nice low profile 'Duino to connect it to. The RBBB pro looks ideal, some RA headers and I will be away.

This weekend I aim to get all the functions as a cohesive whole and have some code up on the web for your amusement.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a couple of pictures of the breath sensor "mouth piece".

Discussion regarding the wind sensor - http://forum.moderndevice.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=750

Is this soldering iron still on? OW!......Yeah its still on. ;)

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Midi Ocarina/Flute/Recorder/Breath controller

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hi , i got the basis of a midi sequencer recorder complete
anybody with similar interest want to work together and advance this project


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