Board Limitations

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Board Limitations

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Hi there,
I am trying to use freeduino usb host board to run a few servos via a motorolla xoom android tablet. The wiki says that the whole Google DemoKit app is not supported
due to the smaller chip (and fewer pins) that the FHB uses.

Does this mean this board is limited to not do certain kinds of things.

Thanks, Kenan.

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Re: Board Limitations

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The only limitations are caused by fewer pins on the UNO (Atmega328) chip, vs the Mega (Atmega2560 chip). It should work fine with servos.
That said - with servos the best idea is always to run the positive line off another power supply - and attach the ground wire close to where the servo bus (ground) is connected. This keeps the motor noise and high current glitches off the board's power supply. The Freeduino board does have a modestly more robust power system than the UNO though - and I'd be surprised if up to three servos would not run fine off the board's supply - as long as you use a 6V wall wart with some gusto - at least an amp and more usefully 1.5 or 2 amps. Remember that the board ends up charging the phone when it's connected to the board.

Hope that helps,


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