Rev C on ESP32 not working

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Rev C on ESP32 not working

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I am trying to build a indoor thermal comfort station and for that I am trying to make a Rev. C work on the ESP32-WROOM. I am powering the Rev. C with an external power bank (5V) and connecting TMP and RV to analog pins (34 and 35) of the ESP.
The arduino sketch provided by modern device is then uploaded with the required pin definitions on the ESP. However, the values displayed on the Serial Monitor are fluctuating constantly, what makes me think that the voltage supply is not stable. I have tried to power the sensor with the 3.3 V output of the ESP32 and it gives stable results, even if those results are way too high (I know the Rev. C needs a stable supply of 5V). A calibration of the sensor using the zeroWindAdjustment doesn't work because it affects the sensitivity of the sensor (a small blow on the sensor and it goes up to wind speeds of 1000+ MPH).

Has anyone faced the same problem? How can I get a stable 5 V voltage on the sensor? (maybe using something like a power board for breadboards)

Thanks in advance!