MD0550 and 12 Bit ADC

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MD0550 and 12 Bit ADC

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I'm trying to get the example code for MD0550 work with a 12-bit ADC instead of 10-bit that it was written for. I changed the volt per step from 0.0048828125 to 0.001220703 to account for resolution differences. The ADC voltage for RV and Temp are now showing proper values but the Temp (C) and Wind Speed (MPH) are way off. I'm assuming that the ADC resolution was factored in the other calibration numbers. Any suggestions?


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Re: MD0550 and 12 Bit ADC

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I apologize for the long delay on getting to the forum.
Yes that code for Rev C is suboptimal and has some of ADC resolution rolled into the math.
We just revised the Rev C and are going to revise it a couple of more times in in the two months or so to put in some temperature compensation. At that point we'll do regressions again with a pitot tube to try to put more accurate curves with better math for adopting to different boards.


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