Energy Monitor Shield

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Energy Monitor Shield

Post by luxabdul »

Anyone who has used the ADE7755 with the Arduino? I need an shield that measures 220 VAC and 50 A.
Are there any plans to develop something similar in the future?


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Re: Energy Monitor Shield

Post by oz »

That's a really interesting chip with a lot of theory in the datasheet eh?
There probably aren't a lot of people catering to the hobbyist / DIY market that are interested in making this into a product because of shock hazard and packaging issues. If you're just interested in monitoring one socket - you could try and hack a kill-a-watt.

I may still be interested in a wireless power meter that uses hall effect sensors - to avoid the hookup hassles. BTW I had good results monitoring a power line with a BBB with just a linear hall effect sensor placed between the wires. If you don't need a ton of accuracy and don't mind calibrating it yourself this would be an entirely viable approach, and dirt cheap compared with other options. If you've got a known current draw of 40 amps it should be pretty easy to get rough calibration. Just buy some linear hall effect sensors and put them between hot and neutral. I found best signal with sensors perpendicular to the wires (or cord) I was measuring current draw on my 1000 watt coffee pot and getting a signal or around 10 or 12 10 bit ADC units (around 50 mv) so you would probably end up needing a less sensitive sensor at 240V / 40A.

There are also some commercial products out there ready to go similar to what you are looking for. The one that impressed me most was one that used power line transmission similar to X-10. You installed the sensor unit in your fuse box (but I suppose it could go anywhere too) and then plugged in the monitor to an outlet.

Sorry but I don't remember the name but if you google around you'll find it pretty quickly.


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Re: Energy Monitor Shield

Post by steave123 »

Yes there are some monitor available in the market.I will check out again.How is your experienced?Would you like to tell me.

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