Daisy chaining power

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Daisy chaining power

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The documentation for the boards recommend wiring every other board to power and daisy chaining the intermediate boards. My question is if there is any reason why I couldn't connect each board to a power source individually and not daisy chain at all?

To clarify this a little bit, I have four fully assembled boards and I'm running power from a regulated 5v 6amp power supply and I'd like to standardize each board and make a sort of power strip to distribute power from the supply to each board.


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Re: Daisy chaining power

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Your scheme will work fine, there is no reason not to run power to every board except that it's more soldering. However if you come up with some scheme that seems straightforward to you, then go for it.

The recommendation to run more power lines was just so that users wouldn't try and daisy chain the power on six or more panels and have (possibly) eight amps running through the traces, and voltage drops, etc etc.

An inline fuse on your power supply is a good idea. 6 A can vaporize small traces or instantly toast components hooked up backwards (not that you would do that but I definitely would).


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Re: Daisy chaining power

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Take a look at my power distribution scheme (interconnects) for the 8x8 panels at:
I got it working with 10 panels!

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