Motor shield

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Motor shield

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Is there a motor shield in the works for the BBB? I have a shield from NKC Electronics which will not work due to physical size and connector placemant. Failing that, any suggestions short of building a custom cable to join the two?

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Re: Motor shield

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One unfortunate fact about the BBB is it's different form factor from the rest of the Arduino world.

That being said it's usually not much of problem to make shields work unless you want a super "neat' installation with everthing plugging in and lining up perfectly.

I use Lady Ada's Wave shield with my classes and it works fine, with just a bit of hacking.

Start off this way - Take a look at the shield schematic and see what wires are necessary - many times it's only three or four wires.

Then decide on whether you want things "stacked up" in shield form.
If you don't care so much about the form factor just lay the shield next to the BBB and connect the operant pins with a couple of wires - soldering to the top of the BBB pins, or building a board without the header pins.

For the wave shield we use stacking headers on the shield - then just plug in the (smaller BBB) into the Wave Shield. The stacking headers have pins long enough to take up the silly Arduino gap (an early error in layout that they never bothered to get rid of).

Most shields don't use the analog headers so you can do this fairly easily, and maybe have to stub in a wire or two extra. I think that the Wave shield takes about two extra wires to get it going. For power and ground as I remember.

If your're intimidated by a little hacking then probably just buying a Duemilanove or one of Tony's clones is the best way to go.


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