Byteseeker 2.1 issues

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Byteseeker 2.1 issues

Post by grgtrpp »

I just got the V2.1 Byteseeker kit and had some issues:

1) the installation instructions ( ... ctions.pdf) and the schematic ( ... erMini.png) aren't for the V2.1 board
2) I decided to build the board according to the image at
3) It still didn't work. However, by connecting D11 (the PWM output) to the wiper of the volume pot, I was getting the expected output. Strange....

In any event, once I got through these issues, the board works great!

I have one question: What are the dip switches on the V2.1 board to be used for?

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Re: Byteseeker 2.1 issues

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Glad you got the board going, it's still being revised. The DIP switches are for future software development. In a performance environment you probably wouldn't want to flip through various sounds with blinking lights as feedback. They could be used for any kind of software development.

I eventually plan to include some of the bit banged music my students and I have made while learning C programming.


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Byteseeker 2 1 issues

Post by Fredaueuv »

System is running good for about a week now no issues what so ever thx for the help guys

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Byteseeker 2 1 issues

Post by Michaelkfyif »

I think until you have better internet, ure going to see weird issues pop up now and then. Hopefully ull be able to remedy that eventually.

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