Wind Sensor Rev P

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Wind Sensor Rev P

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I want to use this sensor to measure the fan air speed and detect the change in operating mode (intervene if necessary). Have you found better regression equations?

Can I use it in this kind of application?
Are there people who have successfully used this sensor in industrial projects?

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Re: Wind Sensor Rev P

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Hi AA_021

There are people who have used the sensor in industrial applications, but mostly for qualitative rather quantitative results. eg is the fan running? for constant speed fans.

In my opinion the sensor needs a larger regression with temp sensitivity built into it to be really useful. The problems with NTC non-linearity will prevent a really wide temperature applications in my opinion. In particular at elevated temperatures the sensor is going to get very hot and move into a high current regime. My attempts at creating a hardware temp compensation haven't been successful (but this is not to imply others haven't succeeded, there seem to be some products out there based on NTC sensors that I assume work).

I always recommend our rev P for people who want more reliable measurements but I realize having to provide a higher voltage is a pain.

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