Fluxamasynth and Pro Micro, Adafruit Itsy, etc.

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Fluxamasynth and Pro Micro, Adafruit Itsy, etc.

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I've just received the board a few days ago - the examples work fine for the Uno R3 as well as Thru-MIDI (board had been set up that way - had to use Pin 3 instead of Pin 4 for the Uno).

Examining the *.cpp and *.h files, it seems that the Uno uses SoftwareSerial (which assigns the Tx port to Pin 4 on the Uno), however, for the Feather (32u4 and M0) Tx is set for Serial1 (UART Tx).

However, when using a Pro Micro (32u4 based - similar to ItsyBitsy), I un-commented the //Serial1.begin() (assuming the Micro would be treated as a Feather), and connected the Micro's Tx pin (default as 1) to Pin 3 (Pin 4 has been bypassed on the Fluxa) - no luck, however, the Serial.print works fine.

Is there a simple solution for this?

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Re: Fluxamasynth and Pro Micro, Adafruit Itsy, etc.

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Apologies for the long delay getting to the forum.
It seems like you made work in the intended way with a few boards. The 32U4 shouldn't be that different except for the USB connection - which resets on every upload.

Are you just trying to pass midi/serial through and have that work? Or trying to receive midi and retransmit?
I don't have a Pro Micro to test with but do have a 32U4 based board. If you post s little more specific setup with what you are trying to do I can try and replicate it and test.

Paul Badger

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