Freeduino Host Board - power up / reset issue

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Freeduino Host Board - power up / reset issue

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We have discovered to our dismay that the Freeduino Host Board has a reset issue associated with Optiboot bootloader. It is a slightly quirky problem that escaped our initial testing and development efforts. The problem was an issue with Optiboot that has now been resolved, and a new version of Optiboot that fixes the problem is in Arduino 1.0 which is now available for download.

You will need an ISP programmer such as an AVRISP MKII or Lady Ada's Tiny ISP to fix the problem yourself. Here are the steps to perform the fix.

1) Download Arduino 1.0 and install it. Install the FTDI drivers if not already installed - Windows users should update to latest FTDI drivers.
2) Hook up the MKII (or whatever serial programmer you are using) - Windows users may need to install a driver for the MKII
3) Power up the FHB with either a wall adapter or a USB cable
4) You should see the light on the MKII turn green if you are using that ISP
4) Set Tools -> Programmer to the programmer you are using
5) Set Tools -> Boards to UNO (default choice) -> You are also free to put the older Duemilanove bootloader on the board if you wish
6) Choose Tools -> Burn Bootloader
7) The lights on the MKII should turn orange for a bit - and the Arduino IDE should report "Done Burning Bootloader"
8) Try uploading a sketch to the FHB

We will reflash any Freeduino Host Boards that are returned to us for free and pay the postage both ways (in the US only).
Email us for a shipping label. Sales AT moderndevice DOT com

Paul Badger
Modern Device

You can read about the problem here: ... 1950#p1950

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Freeduino Host Board power up / reset issue

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Yes. That will test the board on its own without possible wiring issues on the car.

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