Fluxamasynth V3 library needed updating

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Fluxamasynth V3 library needed updating

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I used Arduino 1.8.5 with the Fluxamasynth shield REV 3.0 and it complained about redefining all the program names that
exist in ProgramChange.h.

I simply added a number like ChurchOrgan1 to avoid many of the warning messages.
This will conflict with the SAM2695.pdf that designates the names as identical.
I passed this on to Shawn for dissemination to community and customers if necessary.

My own objective is more of the same I did with past devices.
I will be trying to come up with a valid Rosegarden device to include my names.

From the Rosegarden introduction:

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"A “device”, as far as Rosegarden is concerned, is simply something capable of producing sounds."

https:// www .rosegardenmusic .com/resources/documents/rgd-HOWTO.shtml

I am also looking for the use of NewSoftSerial.cpp as it has been superceeded to SoftwareSerial after V1.0

URL is

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https:// www .pjrc .com/teensy td_libs_SoftwareSerial. html
Is there a newer version library with documentation due out since the update schematic 12/3/15 2:08 pm ?

The link on the schematic page is also 404 not found along with any wiki mentioned in the past.

This device is exactly what I was looking for to update my MIDI skills but I need to learn to do programming
for current IDE Arduino 1.8.5 as well as MIDI to get it to work.

I am willing to start discussion here to share current (2018) work on and with the Fluxamasync.

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Re: Fluxamasynth V3 library needed updating

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I don't think a newer version of the library exists, but I could be wrong. How's your project going, Cool Games?

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Re: Fluxamasynth V3 library needed updating

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The fluxamasnth library has moved to Moved to https://github.com/fluxly/Fluxamasynth

It has some new functionality as well as programming to support new shields that in production currently.

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