RBBB kit with Arduino-ready ATMega368?

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RBBB kit with Arduino-ready ATMega368?

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It looks like the new Arduino-loaded ATMega368 (http://www.nkcelectronics.com/arduino-r ... ol328.html) should drop right into the RBBB. An prospect of releasing a kit with that processor, or selling the RBBB kit without the ATMega168 processor?


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Re: RBBB kit with Arduino-ready ATMega368?

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I have to hand it to Tony over at NKC - he's quite the marketer.

I've been selling products with 328 chips without any change in price, and all seemed well (even though I planned to bump up prices a dollar or so for the more expensive chips).

That was until I realized that Mouser was out of chips, and no more were to be had until April 2 or so. So I am going to raise the prices for the 328's I have left until I get a new shipment of 500 chips, just to preserve the few 328's I have left, and try and recover a bit of the price rise. As it is I expect to lose business to competition until I get the new chips.

I'll get a little checkbox on the site sometime really soon.
Until then you can just include a note on the order (Don't miss that paypal field for notes - it goes by fast) about wanting 328 chips and I'll put 328's in your order at no cost. (As long as it isn't 20 units or something.


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