Wind sensor calibration data

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Wind sensor calibration data

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I got a few wind sensor for my PhD research project a while back. I am using them to look at building ventilation system airflows. They are really good to detect whether the ventilation is on/off but now I would need to convert those analoge reading to airflow in m/s. I just found the two 'wind sensor progress' posts which are very useful, but I have a few questions to clarify them:
  1. What are temp_combined and wind_combined ?
  2. What is TempC*100? Is this just the measured temperature time 100? But then why not use the temperature directly?
  3. On the first post they are two graphs with correlations. Could you clarify what you have been correlating? Some description of the axes would be very useful (what they are and units).
I have been taking a few measurements for calibration myself, and I would be interested to compare them to the measurement you used for your regressions (zero wind voltage and wind speed). Do you think it would be possible to share them?