BBB with L293D motor controller

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BBB with L293D motor controller

Post by Curs0r »

It would be a really great board for robotics. a BBB like board with a L293D motor controller with the same size factor as the BBB or just a little bit bigger... what do you think?


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Re: BBB with L293D motor controller

Post by oz »

I've got a robotics class next fall, so I was thinking about designing something for them, along those lines, maybe with an LCD on board.

I'm not so big on L293 H-bridge though and was thinking about higher powered unit/s. This seems like it would bring form factor up to a scale a little larger than you're looking for.

Either way it's a good idea though. Hopefully I'm going to get a lot of my stalled development work done this summer.


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Re: BBB with L293D motor controller

Post by steave123 »

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