90-degree port headers

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90-degree port headers

Post by andywatson »

I recently bought my first JeeNode from ModernDevice.com. The port headers that were included with the kit have 90-degree bends in the pins, making the headers stick out to the side of the JeeNode. All of the documentation I have found for the JeeNodes shows the header pins sticking straight up from the board. Am I supposed to bend them up after I solder them in, or was I given the wrong headers?
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Re: 90-degree port headers

Post by clarence »

The same thing happened to my last order of Jeenode, (90 degree headers). Went ahead and soldered them on, so I could get on with learning curve. Kind of like the headers coming out from the side now. I just make my own plugs to stick up. Really liking the Jeenode and Jeelink. I started with the Arduino uno (gift). Discovered Moderndevice and got hooked on the BBB and RBBB. Better for breadboarding. I'm sure Modern Device will make good on the headers. Probably just low on inventory. If so, I must praise them for putting something in the kit that I could use.

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Re: 90-degree port headers

Post by oz »

The low inventory guess would be correct although I'm thinking about staying with right angle. The headers are completely easy to bend straight (either before or after insertion) in my opinion, and it gives a solid option of installing them either way.

Jean-Claude has the same idea although his idea of installing headers at right angles is to just solder them to the top of the pads. This does work but is weaker mechanically than right angle headers.

The header question has come up several times so I guess I need to make a tutorial on "how to bend right-angle headers straight" :P


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