Motor Shield

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Motor Shield

Post by W4CWZ »

Asked this in the hardware forum but it probably belongs here. Is there a motor shield in the works for the BBB? I have a shield from NKC Electronics which will not work due to physical size and connector placement. Failing that, any suggestions short of building a custom cable to join the two? Saw the post about an adapter board, is that a possibility?
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Re: Motor Shield

Post by paul »

I answered some of this question on the "hardware" forum.
No plans right now for a motor shield - but you never know.

I'm more inclined to do Atmega + x functionality so people don't end up buying an expensive Arduino & expensive H-bridge board, or whatever.

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Motor Shield

Post by Michaelkfyif »

I have a NXT motor hooked up to my arduino and motor shield, and can feel it vibrating as though it has power. Yet when I try to run the code I have it does nothing.
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Motor Shield

Post by Dudemhccv »

Thatd really strengthen shield/block play, which is already almost a every character should have and use a shield.
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Motor Shield

Post by Michaelchase »

Youll likely have to change PWM_PIN and writeMotors. Do you know what Arduino board type it is?
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