Key differences between BBB and RBBB

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Key differences between BBB and RBBB

Post by darudude » Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:42 pm


I really love the site and products it offers. I am helping redesign the curriculum for our local high school's computer hardware class, and I want to incorporate an easy microcontroller. I have worked with the arduino before and am looking at the BBB and RBBB as cheaper replacement solutions.

My question is what are the key differences between them; other than the different footprint size, resistors and rails along with the analog pins? Are the bootloaders diffenent? Is it possible to get both with the Duminalove bootloader? Can the BBB do stuff the RBBB can't?



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Re: Key differences between BBB and RBBB

Post by paul » Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:29 pm


The differences between RBBB and BBB are really just in the form factors. There are one or two parts not found on the RBBB such as an inductor for the analog ref voltage, and two reverse polarity diodes instead of one, the power system of the BBB is a tad more complex, but the difference in functionality are really minimal. They both have all the functionality of the Atmega168, which is where all the action is anyway. So mostly it's an issue of convenience, such as the ease of hooking up a sensor to the BBB's analog block.

Both are equipped with the Diecimila bootloader, which is the same bootloader shipping on the the Duemilanove (no one seems to be able to either spell or pronounce that word - it's a coup for Italian speakers I guess),at least to my knowledge.

Hope that helps,


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