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Mini Airflow Tunnel Project using arduino and sensors

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:43 pm
by bitacovir
The mini airflow tunnel project aim is to build a low cost platform of wind analysis for architects. The idea is to facilitate preliminary wind analysis of conceptual designs for architects and designers, using a mini low speed wind tunnel. It is suitable for preliminary analysis of aerodynamic phenomena near buildings, such as airflow acceleration, that can produce discomfort issues on pedestrians. Its purpose is in the field of early design stage physical prototyping and teaching. This project does not try to replace well know technologies such as atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnels or computational fluid dynamics programs. We know the limitations of our mini tunnel to replicate real wind conditions. It is for this reason that we call this project the mini airflow tunnel, defining it as tool that facilitates the visualisation and comprehension of basic aerodynamic phenomena around building concepts, using current low cost and easy-to-use components