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Problem with Saguino sending MIDI notes

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:59 pm
by Vlad

I have lots of experience working with Arduino clones like Miduino, BoArduino – all with 17 I/O pins. Recently, I bought Saguino kit from Modern Device. It has 32 I/O pins. I thought that, I will be able to solve forever my dilemma of playing together two sides of a bigger piano accordion with the installed MIDI CPU like Saguino.

Until now, I was using Arduino clones to do mostly small accordions fro both sides, and the treble side only in bigger accordion units. I had no success with 12C communication or other means of joining two sides MIDI Output – treble and basses as one unit only. The "Pocket MIDI Merge" didn’t work either.

So far, after preparations, wiring and uploading the Saguino, the regular Arduino sketches that work on Arduino do not work on Saguino. There is not even one blink of the PinLed that would indicate that the unit is sending any signals to the MIDI Sound Module.
The green led indicates that the DC current is flowing. Prior to that, the Saguino card accepted all sketches made for Arduino clones. Those sketches were adjusted and uploaded to Saguino without any glitch with the note “uploding complete.”

I’m looking for a help, how to convert the sketch from Arduino clones to Saguino? It could be that, I use improper pins to send MIDI Output to the Sound Module. I use the same pins as in BoArduino, or two pins – TX and 5V.

Is there anyone on this Forum, who works with Saguino as the accordion MIDI CPU controller? Is there anyone who installed small sound card into his MIDI accordion?

Best Regards,

Re: Problem with Saguino sending MIDI notes

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:46 am
by Vlad
Notice 1:

I just noticed that in the sketch I had only one:
#define LedPin = 23 in one section of the sketch;
Now I added also at the very beginning of this sketch:
int ledPin = 23; and changed to ledPin everywhere where LedPin show up to be.
also in the line: pinMode(ledPin, Output);
The sketch is compiling, and will be downloaded tomorrow.
I shell see if this do the trick, and if not, something more troublesome must be in the sketch that Saguino doesn't like.

Enjoy it,

Re: Problem with Saguino sending MIDI notes

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:11 am
by Vlad
Previous trick with “ int ledPin “ didn't work either. I wonder, if the ATMega644P that is a main feature of the Saguino is prepared with proper Bootloader, the same like ATMega168 or AtMega328 that are the components of other Arduion clones?

I follow instructions from Saguion web page how to prepare and add correction to Arduino Bootloader, but it doesn't work either. I have to poke around until I find a solution to this problem, but if this search will go on for too long, and I don't find help with anything positive, I just drop that experimentation with Saguino for good and come back to those kits and things that are working fine for me. Most likely the best solution for me is to work on proper MIDI Merge if that experimentation becomes a fiasco.

That's why at the beginning is a bad idea to spend money on something that is not documented as 100% working CPU. I also will not expose my MIDI accordion software, to look for problem in it, since I know that my software works perfect on other Arduinos and its clones.

Enjoy it,

Re: Problem with Sanguino sending MIDI notes

Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:25 am
by Vlad
Make a note of it!
Sorry, spelling of Saguino should be "SANGUINO."
I'm still waiting for responses to my problems with Sanguino.
Software is not a problem. It works on other cards with 17 I/O pins like Arduino's Demilanove, BoArduino, Miduino, etc.,
I have no problems at all with uploading the working sketch. What it could be?

Best Regards,

Re: Problem with Saguino sending MIDI notes

Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:47 am
by paul
Without seeing your code, my guess is that you have a pin mapping issue. The pins and ports on the Sanguino are different. Meaning that the hardware functionality built into the Arduino pins is located on different pins on the Sanguino. You're probably going to have to go through some code and compare the pins mappings either with the datasheet or with the gif that I did for the Arduino - so many years ago.

The timers may also work somewhat differently so this may be a non-trivial process.


Re: Problem with Saguino sending MIDI notes

Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:14 pm
by Vlad
Hello Paul and Everybody,

Thanks Paul for the response and suggestion. I did that prior to the time I installed the Sanguino CPU. My troubles with Sanguino are over, I hope. I made it work like a champ. All my Arduino sketches will work on it as the one which I installed today. It’s sketch for 41 key 120 bass piano accordion with Program Change +1 -1, +10 -10, volume, modulation and the pitch bend. That many features is plenty enough for the best accordion player. I’m only a hobbyist. I will work now on installing MIDI CPU to full size accordions also doing that as a hobby. Prior to that, I could do only treble side of accordion with Arduino 17 I/0 pin cards and all other clones like Miduino, BoArduino also with 17 I/0 pins.

The problem that I described in postings was not in my sketches, and in the hardware, but in the two editions of software that has to be merged with the Arduino software to make it boot correctly. Main thing is not to mix the older and newer additions of Sanguino software which look he same, unless you try all combinations of that software.

I put this posting, so other people will know that my initial apprehension was premature. Sanguino is a way to go to those folks who need more than 17 I/O pins for their projects.

Best regards,