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Extra Core MD serial problems?

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:15 am
by cpu_wiz_22
Hi all,
I've been using the RBBB boards for years and have had no problems using the serial port on them for projects.
I recently tried out the Extra Core MD and used it in place of an RBBB and have run into some problems...
I'm talking to a Raspberry Pi through a web browser then using the RPi serial port to talk to an RBBB which talks to an programmable LED strip.
I'm interfacing the RBBB to the RPi with a level shifter.
Works great!! Now I drop in a Extra Core in its place... and no go.
I know that the serial port on the Extra Core can communicate just fine- it uploads programs and if I have a FTDI cable hooked up to it
I can "manually" tell it the commands that I send from the Pi that I want to execute. And that works...
However: I have to add a CR in the Arduino serial monitor when using the FTDI serial cable.
So I tried adding a CR in my RPi code and that didn't work.
Any Ideas?
Has anyone else experienced something similar?
P.S. it's sending data at 9600 baud 8,N,1