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Playing a Note and Other Midi Msg Fluxamasynth For Cubloc220

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:30 am
Hi dear friends,
I want to share with you, this code to test your fluxamasynth shield with the Cubloc 220 Of Comfile technologies...

This code works thery well...
best regards,

Lestroso :D

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Const Device = CB220

    Opencom 1,31250,3,30,20

Putstr 1,240,127,127,4,1,0,127,247 'set the master volume, you can change  from 0 to 127 modifing the last 127 number value

    Putstr 1,192,1 ' program change, we set the instrument from 0 to 127 that we want ,we change the last value..!!

    Putstr 1,144,60,64 ' play notes on
    Delay 1000 ' we put a pause
    Putstr 1,128,60,64 ' turn off notes