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Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:06 pm
Hello Friends,

Now Here everything works fine!!!! i have solved my problems with fluxamasynt shield.....

i have review everything and i have found the solution to work with this board by myself

i have used only pin 11 of my cubloc 220 and i have used a resistor of 220 ohm as requested....

i have also made a jumper betwen the first pin the gnd with the external pin but the same gnd....

ok here below i give you my test that works fine with my cubloc 220 ...programmed in basic!!!

This is an example scale!!!!

Code: Select all

Const Device = CB220

Opencom 1,31250,3,30,20

Putstr 1,144,60,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,61,64

Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,62,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,63,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,64,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,65,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,66,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,67,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,68,64
 Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,69,64
Delay 100
Putstr 1,144,70,64

Happy Music!!!!!
By Lestroso :D