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Anyone got the MIDI input working on the Fluxamasynthshiel V.3?

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:19 am
by Codeman
Hi all,

I tried several hours to get the MIDI input running on my Fluxamasynth shield V.3 without success. I read the circuit diagrams and found out that it should be connected to pin 3 on my Arduino. But when connecting my Rolanf A800PRO and playing something absolute nothing happens with test scripts:
- Tested with Arduino UNO and MEGA
- Tested Hardware and SoftwareSerial

For hardware serial I used a jumper from pin 3 to pin 0 (UNO) or pin 19 (Serial1-RX on a MEGA)... nothing.

Has anyone an idea or perhaps my MIDI input is defect?

Regards, Holger