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by Dudemhccv
Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:10 am
Forum: Sensors
Topic: Wind sensor formula for mph
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Wind sensor formula for mph

Hi list,
how accurate is the Lux reading obtained with the Lux-Sensor in Open Signals?
by Dudemhccv
Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:55 pm
Forum: Development
Topic: My new Arduino Compatible
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My new Arduino Compatible

Do you have any screenshots of what the new data format will look like?
by Dudemhccv
Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:16 am
Forum: JeeNode and Wireless
Topic: Sketch not uploading even though arduino says it did
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Sketch not uploading even though arduino says it did

if u dont eat u can go wothout food for a long time but once you eat you feeli like eating more :?
by Dudemhccv
Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:23 am
Forum: Sensors
Topic: Regarding Capsense Library on Arduino
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Regarding Capsense Library on Arduino

Ok. Thanks for the reply. The documentation is not exactly correct. I will buy the 16 mhz, but Ill have to add a step-up to 5V. For the GPS function is mandatory Arduino mega?
by Dudemhccv
Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:22 am
Forum: Hardware
Topic: fluxamasynth with duinomite
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fluxamasynth with duinomite

New machines with i3

Is this a sale of old hardware, that hp could not use otherwise? :wink:
by Dudemhccv
Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:30 am
Forum: Sensors
Topic: Wind Sensor Followup
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Wind Sensor Followup

Updated January 2016

by Dudemhccv
Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:14 pm
Forum: Software
Topic: Sanguino in Arduino 1.0
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Sanguino in Arduino 1 0


and thank you

using the satelite with a arduino micro will be nice for small copters .
by Dudemhccv
Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:16 am
Forum: Development
Topic: Motor Shield
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Motor Shield

Thatd really strengthen shield/block play, which is already almost a every character should have and use a shield.
by Dudemhccv
Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:25 pm
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Atmega168 Serial Speed
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Atmega168 Serial Speed

Has anyone found an online retailer selling these drives?? I have the option of running them on my new system, but for the life of me I have yet to see any being sold anywhere. Not that I would rush out and by them now... I am sure they will be overpriced in a big way at launch. But they would be fu...