The following web shops distribute Modern Device Products:

How do I become a distributor?

Send us an email at support@moderndevice.com and we can talk and see if it makes sense. For example, our partnership with JeeLabs is win-win because it solves a lot of problems for both of us with regard to the expenses of international shipping, fluctuations in currency, and regulation of radio frequencies. Other relationships may or may not make sense; let’s talk!
The way not to do it is to buy a bunch of our PCBs, stuff your own parts in a bag, then sell them on Ebay. If that’s your business model, we ask that you take the design files and go spin your own boards (and put your own logo and URL on it, and point to your own support and documentation). Pretty much everything on the site is some type of open hardware or is in the public domain, so that is encouraged. Using our brand is not. Ideally, you’d take the designs and improve on them in some way; there’s always something to make better!