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Ordering & Shipping Info:

For any questions regarding shipping times and cost, please check out our Ordering/Shipping page. If you still have questions feel free to call or e-mail us.

Street Address:

We are in the process of moving. The new address will have retail hours only by appointment so you will need to call first before coming by. If you would like to schedule an appointment or need help with one of our products please call ahead or email us at
Modern Device
349 Morris Ave.
Providence, RI
Former Address:
95 Mathewson St. #204
Providence, RI

Mailing Address:

Modern Device
349 Morris Ave.
Providence, RI



Our phone number is currently in transition
401-414-4755 will be working shortly.
401-228-3688 is not currently working.

Purchase Orders:

We accept purchase orders from companies and universities. For convenience’s sake it is always best to place an order through our web shop, as Purchase Orders will have to be forwarded to our parent company’s financial handler. This can take more than a few days to process, web store orders typically within two days of ordering. We prefer to keep PO’s in quantities above $150.

Support Options

The Forum: please use the Modern Device Forum as your first line of support. We don’t mind phone calls or email at the shop if you’re stumped, or haven’t gotten a response on the forum. We will repair or replace any recent model kit if you send us $5. Use the address above and mark the kit “Repair or Replace.”

About Modern Device

Modern Device is a tiny electronics conglomerate in Providence, Rhode Island. JeeLabs is one of our close collaborators and confidants.

9 responses to “Contact Modern Device”

  1. Paul,
    I got your audio Amp a while back to use it in haunted house sound effects. Your tutorials don’t show anything about it so can i ask how to send the board sound files from an arduino (BBB) board? What would be the max output wattage?

    • You’ve got to have a source of audio – for the audio in input. You could easily use the shutdown pin to turn the sound on and off.

  2. Can I use your 17.00 hot wire wind sensor to retract my awning when the wind his 10 mph or more. Can I internally adjust the wind speed that will trigger the awning to retract? Thanks for your response.

  3. AMBI Light Sensor
    How to get the reading in lux. From the note, the reading is from 0 to 1023, which will be difficult to indicate weather it is dark or bright.

  4. HI,
    I would like suggest to Modern Device creates a Google Plus account and/or include a feed link (atom or rss) for the news.
    Best regards

  5. Looking for a 0 – 5VDC current sensor, most are -5 to 5 V. Interface to the Hall side with solider would be great. You guys have anything like that coming??

    • Look at our current sensor – 0-5 volts, dead easy to use.
      Downside – it’s AC coupled so only works on AC
      Not sure what you mean about interface with solder.