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  • RGBW COB LED driver board

              We created a board for driving  RGBW COB (Chip-On-Board) LEDs. We also sourced some RGBW (red, green, blue, white) COB LEDs, and heatsinks to put together a complete LED lamp kit. The drivers are constant-current source drivers based up the same topology as a buck switching regulator, so there is very little heat generated […]

  • Three New Fluxamasynth Variations

    We just launched a modest Indiegogo campaign to seed some new electronic music products that I’ve been cooking up. The Fluxamasynth is an add-on electronic module for Arduino for making your own electronic musical instruments or embedding high quality sound in projects. Now in three new flavors on Indiegogo: This campaign is to expand […]

  • New Wind Sensor Protective Harness

    Chris Fastie of the KAPtery has been testing the Modern Device wind sensor for Public Lab by putting them up on kite-borne sensor arrays. Out of the box the thermistor probe is not necessarily kite-hardened so we made a little protective jig (with obligatory gratuitous bevels). Wind sensor (Model P) is available here. Download the […]

  • Wind Sensors on Kites

    Chris Fastie of the KAPtery has been testing the Modern Device wind sensor for Public Lab by putting them up on kite-borne sensor arrays. Chris has been documenting his work on Public Lab’s collaborative research platform. Below you can see the $27 Modern Device wind sensor compared to a $300 Kestrel 550 anemometer. It tracks […]

  • Wind Sensors In Escape Rooms

    We don’t always get to hear about what our customers create with our products, so when they reach out to us we are always giddy to see what they cook up. Key to Escape, an Escape Room based in North Carolina, put our Wind Sensor Rev. C’s in some prop LED candles and made them […]

  • Soundboxen #5: Fluxamasynth-based musical appliance

    Another standalone Fluxamasynth-based musical appliance: Soundboxen #5 is inspired by Brian Eno’s Music for Airports. Six loops play back slightly out of sync; the loop length is controlled by the listener with six potentiometers. Mounted in a Bakelite enclosure with laser cut veneers. Read more for a short video and the Arduino code.

  • Calibrating The Rev. P Wind Sensor From A New Regression

    I reprocessed some old data to add some software temperature compensation for the Rev. P wind sensor. The sensor itself has hardware temperature calibration built in, but the hardware compensation isn’t perfect. You can see by these trend lines in this ADCunit vs static pressure graph that the curves diverge slightly at the upper end […]

  • New Products: A New Fluxamasynth, the Noisemusick Kit, and some art

    We have some new products to announce at Modern Device; the most exciting is the new version 3 of the Fluxamasynth Shield, a 64 voice polyphonic synthesizer for Arduino. We updated the synth to the new SAM2695 chip, much better filters, and a new microphone input. Check it out in the shop.

  • Motion Plug code updates

    Demo by SebMadgwick Our Dutch collaborator, Jean-Claude Wippler, recently pointed us to more polished code on GitHub for the MPU9250 (Motion Plug). This board uses the Invensense MPU9250 and includes 3 axis: accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometer. The software was written for something called rpicopter, work that appears to be significant group effort to us. We […]

  • Debian on the HP 110-210

    Background We have a GNU/Linux box in the corner at Modern Device, it’s an HP Pavilion 7955, an ancient machine, and it runs a suite of bash scripts which set fuses and flash firmware using avrdude and open terminals using screen. It has streamlined the testing process for many of our products. It has also […]